Maude Arsenault 

Photographer   -   Curator  -   Artist

Through her works Maude explores the themes of adolescence and life cycles related to the transitions to adulthood and sexual emancipation in particular with teen girls, women and youth as subjects. Through her photographs, Maude is thus working to create fictions, distilled from the real, featuring young women and children as subjects, organized in the form of tableaux and portraits. She articulates her work to examine traces of the unconscious during childhood and their possible transpositions into an eventual empowering adult life. Maude's photographs offer a delicate point of view, revealing the intimate universe of her subjects, drawing a thin line between voyeurism and candour.  At the center of her photographic works, there's young people exposed exploring stages and moments related to their identity development.

Maude Arsenault previously lived in Sydney and Paris but now devotes her time between the US and Canada, she has been a photographer for more then 23 years. Her works has been published internationally in publications such as: ELLE, Vogue (Australia), Madame Figaro, Nylon, Flare, Fashion, DTK, Oyster and many more.

Since 2013, Maude is the founder & curator of  "The Print Atelier", an online art photography gallery. 

Maude' work has been exhibited several times in Canada and the US and her photographs are part of many private collections. She also curates on a regular basis important photography exhibitions and is pursuing studies in art history. 

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